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About Küdü Biltong

The Story of Kudu Biltong

Our story starts with our sister company Springbok BBQ, which holds the accolade of having been the very first wood-fired outdoor catering company in England. With its proven track record and a colourful history in the food industry, Springbok BBQ started making biltong during Corona 2020.

Subsequently, having innovated with a number of different tastes and flavours, Springbok BBQ’s biltong business was spun off as Kudu Biltong in 2021. We now continue that legacy of developing and producing quality biltong (jerky) and dry wors (sausage jerky) here at Kudu Biltong.

About Our Biltong Products

Lazy Aged Biltong

Our Lazy Aged Biltong™ was the first type of biltong we developed, and we approached the development and production process with as much care and attention as we pay to everything else we do.

Usually biltong is quite dry and hard, but we knew there is a cult following of people who like their biltong rather soft and raw – something that is typically very hard to come by unless you buy in a shop from a butchery that produces their own biltong.

So we set about to develop a way of producing and packaging a soft, semi-raw biltong that we can deliver across the UK, and that would stay in this soft and semi-raw state not just during transit, but right up until the point of consumption.

And this is how our Lazy Aged Biltong™ chunks was born. Our Lazy Aged Biltong chunks are delivered soft and vacuum sealed for you to enjoy carving yourself.

We slow down the drying process of our Lazy Aged Biltong™ with gentle air flows, facilitating better curing and thereby producing richer, deeper flavours too.

Infusions Biltong Sticks™

In contrast to the most common form of biltong which is sliced or carved, biltong slim-sticks (as we call them – or ‘stokkies’ as they are known in Afrikaans) is another form of biltong, which many prefer for being easier to consume – especially on the go.

Incorporating skills from both the culinary and mixology industries, our Infusions Biltong Sticks™ bring fresh new interpretations to classic flavours of biltong slim-sticks, as well as some brand-new avant-garde flavours you will love.

When we first started making our Infusions Biltong Sticks™, we made them snappable, however with ongoing product development they became softer and even more enjoyable to eat.

A signature element of our Infusions Biltong Sticks™ is an understated element of fruit in each of our flavours, beautifully complimenting the saltiness you expect with a slight hint of sweetness.

Extremely laborious to produce, our Infusions Biltong Sticks™ are the thinnest, slimmest you will find in the industry, meticulously hand cut to 7mm thickness.

Deluxe Dry Wors

Dry wors (called droewors in Afrikaans) is essentially sausage jerky – meaning a pure-meat sausage that is seasoned, cured and dried.

Dry wors is one of the trickier forms of South African cured meats to get right – with a common production mistake being that it is minced so finely that it loses all texture.

Accordingly, our Deluxe Dry Wors™ was conceived around the idea of using special processes to make our dry wors coarser for a more textured mouth feel and a notable increase in enjoyment.

Traditionally dry wors is made using beef, with other types such as venison (red deer) being much less common.

A European variant of dry wors is cabanossi – originally invented by the Polish (and verified as such after a decade-long legal battle between Poland and Germany) – however in contrast to dry wors, cabanossi is traditionally smoked.

Our Deluxe Dry Wors™ made with pork, boar or fowl are smoked, whereas ones we make with beef, deer or game are cured and dried. Definitely worth trying if you have not!

Biltong/Jerky & Dry Wors Trivia

A Brief History of Biltong

Biltong is a marinated, cured, and dried preparation of beef invented by South Africans, before the days of refrigeration, to preserve beef as a food source on long, arduous journeys across the plains and mountains of Africa.

If you don’t know biltong, think of it as the cousin of ‘jerky’ – the primary difference being that jerky is cooked, whereas biltong is cured and air dried. Dry Wors on the other hand is essentially ‘sausage jerky’ – but also cured like biltong, and also never cooked.

Over the course of time Biltong has become the mainstay of South African snacks – more pervasive in South African pubs than peanuts! And no self-respecting South African would watch a game of rugby on TV without an ample supply of biltong and ice cold beer within arm’s reach!

Biltong is not just great for snacking and sharing, but is also one of the most nutritionally dense snacks you can take on your travels. Next time you go for a hike, or to go climb a mountain, be sure to pack some of our biltong!

Biltong is mostly protein with a small amount of fat. Biltong contains a whole number of vitamins and minerals including B12, B6, E, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Niacin, Phosphorus and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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